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🎄Term 4 and End of Year Wrap Up🎄

Merry Christmas and we hope you all have a wonderful New Year! We have had an incredible year here at Foundation First and are so grateful for your support and engagement with our service.

We are off from the 22/12/2022 to 23/01/2023. We will not have any admin or staff answering phones or emails over this time as we all really need to switch off and take some time out. If anything is URGENT, Sarah will be periodically checking emails from the 6/01/2023. If you need something, please email and we'll get it to at some point in this time. You will need to email Sarah ( during this time for a response. Emma is fully switched off from 16/12/22 - 23/01/2023.


Companion Card NSW

Have you heard of the Companion Card? It is a card for participants with disability who require support to access the community that cannot be provided through another means. You can check eligibility through these website here:

The Companion Card allows one companion to go free to a range of activities including bowling, the movies, theme parks, and many more.


Carer's Allowance

Also worth mentioning here, you're family may be eligible for Carer's Allowance. You can chat with your GP about this. You can find more information here:


Staff Updates

Heading into 2023, we are bringing some more administration support in. Zak will be a new face in the clinic and providing support for families and clinicians each week on Thursdays. Zak will take charge of answering queries about the service, sending out important documentation to families and responding to phone calls that Sarah usually misses during the week. Make sure you say g'day if you see him out and about!

We are continuing the search for another speech pathologist! So please let us know if you know anyone who may be interested!


Short COVID-19 Update

I think we all have a but of COVID fatigue and just wish it would go away. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon and as a healthcare

provider, we need to stay on top of reducing the spread and ensuring that our clients are safe. Although there is no longer a mandatory isolation period, you will still be required to stay home from appointments if your child or anyone in your household has tested positive to COVID-19. A range of our clients are vulnerable, including staff and we need to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this moving forward.

We hope you all have a safe and restful holiday break and come back refreshed and excited for 2023. We will see you then!

With love,

Sarah, Emma, Karley, and Zak!

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