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Important Updates for September, 2023

Please have a read through these important updates regarding service delivery, changes to our Cancellation Policy and our movements over the next couple of months.



Foundation First has been clinic-based since March, 2021 and we have loved developing our identity and experience in this space. From 1st September, 2023, Foundation First will be moving fully mobile. By this time, if your appointment has been affected, your therapist will have been in touch to organise a home or school/preschool visit appropriate for your child. If your child is already seen at home or school/preschool, not much will change except for potentially a little more flexibility in your appointment time depending on traffic!

Our last clinic day for appointments will be 29th August, 2023 and you may start to see some changes as we slowly move furniture out and sell bits and pieces that we no longer need.



As we move to a mobile service, advance warning of cancellations is a lot more important for us to maintain the flow of the day for clinician's and reduce unnecessary costs for families. For this reason, our policy will be shifting to 48hrs notice for cancellations, including illnesses. This gives us time to rearrange appointments with families and reduce gaps in the day. Will be updating Service Agreements and sending Cancellation Policies to all clients for reading and signing. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. This update will take effect from 1st September, 2023.



Due to our coming change in service delivery, there will be some additional paperwork and policies added to ensure that our services continue to be safe and transparent for all involved. A Travel Policy has been introduced and forwarded to all families to ensure that the way our travel is calculated and allocated for all clients. An updated Taking Payments Policy has also being forwarded to our Private Paying and Self-Managed families to guide how we will continue to ensure that our service runs smoothly. All clients now being seen in their home will need to complete a Home Visit Risk Assessment, and any families that have not had a recent Risk Assessment completed, will we complete these again to stay up to date.



A couple of changes and notices regarding our staffing. Our wonderful

Administration Assistant, Karley, will be finishing up with us at the end of September. As we move mobile, Karley is moving onto new opportunities and supported employment. Work will truly be a less warm place without Karley in it and we couldn't be prouder of how hard she has worked and how much she has learnt over the last couple of years with us. Karley is a true superstar and we're so sad to see her go.

You may notice a new name popping up in emails and providing some virtual administration support. Our lovely Virtual Assistant, Mary, is providing administration support for our team and we're so lucky to have her!

Sarah is going on a holiday! Hooray! She will be off from the 25th September - 25th October 2023. She will be heading overseas for a short holiday in Malaysia and Singapore, then off to a wedding in South Africa. Then straight back for

her big brother's wedding. During this time, she will not be reachable on emails or phone (taking a complete work detox) and you will be in the capable hands of Mary for any queries or problems during the school holidays, and Emma will be back for the school term.


As always, thank you to everyone who continues to support us and work with us. We love what we do and we can do it with your input.

Much love,

Sarah, Emma, Mary, and Karley x

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