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🌱Term 2 Wrap Up and Updates🌱

Is it just me or does it feel like this term has gone for 3 years?! Congratulations on making it to the Term break! We're definitely looking forward to it in the office!

Thank you for making it amazing term of reaching goals, fun, and learning! Below are just a few short updates from us all!


Support Coordination

As many of you know, we've had a lovely Support Coordinator, Kim, working with us for past year. She has brought a beautiful warmth and wealth of experience to her clients. Kim is finishing up with Foundation First at the end of July and will be speaking directly with clients to organise their care and handover if appropriate.

We want to thank Kim for her hard work and dedication to the team. She has truly been an amazing asset.

COVID-19 Update

As we have all been managing for the past 2 years, COVID continues to impact our service delivery. Staff will continue to wear makes during appointments. It is your choice to wear or not wear a mask.

Please stay home if you are unwell. If you attend an appointment unwell, you will be asked to return home.

Please refer to our Illness Policy for further information. Our cancellation fee applies for all Late Notice Cancellations as per our Cancellation Policy.


Welcome Emma!

About half of you know how wonderful Emma is and what a great speech pathologist she is. Emma began working with Foundation First in the beginning of Term 2 and it's been a delight to have her on board. Emma is a passionate speech pathologist who has a wealth of experience working with paediatric clients and their families. Emma services Medowie, Raymond Terrace, and completes therapy in the clinic in Maitland.

Say g'day if you see her in the clinic!

Services in Newcastle

We have been based out of Maitland for 1.5 years at present and we have been slowly expanding services into the Newcastle area (as Sarah is a

Newcastle gal). If you know children or families needing services in Newcastle, please consider recommending Foundation First!

School Appointments

Both Emma and I work hard supporting many children at school and preschool appointments. A big component of this support is providing feedback to families

either via email, text, or via a catch up phone call throughout the term.

Moving forward, families with children who attend school and preschool appointments will be charged for the additional time spent coordinating and providing feedback to families and/or educators as it happens. If this does not happen (as it may not each week), no charge will be applied. If you have any questions regarding additional invoices, please contact your therapist.

This is an essential element of therapy for your children as ongoing home practice, holistic, collaborative care, and keeping you in the loop contribute to more consistent therapy outcomes and clear communication across support providers (including schools) as to goals that we are all working on.

Travel is also charged at the hourly rate, shared between children (if there are a few children in a similar location). As our clinic is based in Maitland, when a therapist is working in Maitland, travel is charged to the clinic to account for a therapists time. Again, if you have any questions, please reach out to your therapist to have a chat.

Thanks for all of your support! Enjoy your break and we'll see you in Term 3!

Sarah and the team at Foundation First x

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