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Support Yourself to Support Your Child

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has opened the door for many families of children with disability, to engage with a range of services, health professionals and support that has previously been challenging to afford and access.

As a speech pathologist, I play a large part in often helping parents identify if there is a need for further developmental assessment or supporting them as they begin their therapy journey with their child. Something that I'm noticing, in particular with children who have been recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is that parents are sometimes left in the dark with regards to information about their child's needs and what services and therapies would be most useful for them.

For families navigating the NDIS, preschool, school, family relationships and friendships, knowledge is power. It gives you the tools to advocate for your child, know that you are supported by your service providers and friends, and give you a road map for your child's ongoing development.

Lucky for us, Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) has a number of webinars (due to COVID-19 restrictions) which will hopefully return to in-person in the future, that catalogue and present information about accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), reflections on the diagnostic process, and linking parents together in support groups. You find links to their webinar here:

I can't emphasise enough how important support for parents of children with not only ASD, but any additional needs, is. Having people around you that 'get it' when you're 15mins late because for the third time that morning, you needed to change your child's shirt because it wasn't quite the right colour, or packing 4 different sensory toys to make sure your child is appropriately stimulated while you go to have your haircut or do your grocery shopping. Support yourself to support your child.

ASPECT also present on "Early Days", a series of webinars designed to support parents of young children who may/may not have an ASD diagnosis and provide ideas on supports and engagement with you child. These webinars are free and an excellent resource for parents to engage with. You can contact ASPECT through their website above, or here.

I founded Foundation First Speech Pathology, because I know first-hand, the challenges of supporting a person with a disability. I'm passionate about providing support to families that I was given as a young carer for my sibling, and the support that I wish my parents had access to as we were growing up. There are so many resources available now that it can be hard to prioritise and work out which is the best fit. I'm here to help you do that.

Touch base with me through our online form or send me an email to chat:

Sarah x

Practice Director/Speech Pathologist

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